Since the racing season has closed down things have been really quiet at GoTri Adventure. Green shoots are emerging now with race entries opening up and training group starting to get back together. With the renewed freedom of the mountains, a sense of adventure came back……… and adventure requires energy!

I think by now everyone who enjoys endurance racing has heard of tailwind. Its a cracking product that keeps you going all day without upsetting your stomach or contribution to flavor/sweetness fatigue. I’ve been using it on my longer adventures for a few years now and I only have positive things to say about the product itself.

Recently, I ordered some new stock from Tailwind UK which vanished on its way to me. Now, that’s understandable enough during the current COVID-19 restrictions where individuals are not signing for deliveries, and delivery companies are ringing the bell and leaving items on doorsteps. This isn’t a blame game. What I found when I contacted Tailwind UK was one of the most helpful companies that I have ordered from, and an excellent customer relationship experience. This reinforced my previous experiences of hand written notes in deliveries and personal emails. Particular praise must be given to Richard, Mike and their team at Tailwind UK for their efforts, while also consistently being the best value around. They can be found at : https://www.tailwindnutrition.co.uk/

Later this summer I’m planning a 24 hour challenge, after which I will be reviewing all of the products and gear that get used on the day. Tailwind is definitely on the list.