April Quick Update

It very hard to believe that its only a month since our Spring Update, so much has happened in the meantime that it feels like years ago. Fundamentally what we do at GTA is get together as a group to explore and race in the great outdoors. It was previously difficult to imagine a scenario that would take away our ability to go out the door on a crisp morning to enjoy our favourite trails, hills and rivers. But here we are, and it’s amazing how quickly we have gone…….

The COVID-19 restrictions have made it impossible to do the things we enjoy, but as always the group has come up with ways to keep each other motivated. It goes without saying that our weekly runs have been suspended after a great series of them during the winter months. To keep everyone both sane and connected, there are a few group activities going on. We have had our first online group turbo session last Sunday which was a great way of making an hour on the trainer bearable. Also, a big shout out to Kevin who shared a few S&C workouts with the group, complete with an accompanying Spotify playlist. Sean Carey is also planning a House Party HIIT session, for anyone who likes an extra bit of suffering!

Going back a few week to when we could race, there was some unbelievable performances in the GaelForce Sky Run. First and foremost in the Women’s 13km race, Kiera Webb came over the line first in 2 hours, closely followed by Lorraine Horan in second – unbelievably good racing in very tough conditions.

Its very hard for the guys to compete with that kind of success, but Paul Tierney did manage to get into the top 10 of an extremely competitive field in the 22km event. Others who had a great run in the 22km event were Peter Power, Philip Purcell, Sean Carey, Desmond Broaders and Paula Montwill. You need to experience 22km of open mountain running in poor conditions to appreciate the effort that this race takes. A picture can never tell the true story but here goes!

Of course, we hold out hopes that these restrictions will be lifted in the near future and when they do we will resume group activities. There are still plans within the group to have a good crack at Buff Epic, the usual array of IMRA races, an Ironman Triathlon, The Wicklow Round and we are also hoping to host a series of local TT hill run races. So for now, we’ll keep training in our backyards and hope for the best!